Combat Marine Joins Justice For Vets

Justice For Vets is pleased to announce the hiring of Ken Gardner as Project Director for the Veterans Treatment Court Planning Initiative and Veterans Mentor Courts.

Mr. Gardner is a highly decorated Marine of Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he participated in Operation Phantom Fury, the battle to capture the city of Fallujah from enemy insurgents. Mr. Gardner will serve as the primary point of contact for anything pertaining to Veterans Treatment Court training, technical assistance, and Mentor Courts.      
Mr. Gardner hails from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where he served as Assistant District Attorney until entering private practice in May, 2010. In private practice, he often assisted veterans with disability claims and is admitted to practice in the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. As a recognized expert in veterans affairs, he served on a task-force examining the need for a Veterans Treatment Court in Lancaster County. In January, 2012, Mr. Gardner helped launch the Lancaster County Veterans Treatment Court and recruited and trained volunteer veteran mentors to assist participants.
“Not only is Ken a decorated Marine combat veteran, but he also brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Justice For Vets and the Veterans Treatment Court field,” said Justice For Vets Director Matt Stiner.  “I cannot think of anyone better suited to help assist jurisdictions to implement these life saving programs.”  
“I am honored to join this outstanding organization and serve on the front lines of the fight to make Veterans Treatment Court available to every veteran in need,” said Mr. Gardner. “From serving my country in the United States Marine Corps, to serving my community in the District Attorney’s office, I have seen firsthand the devastating effect of substance abuse and mental health disorders on our veterans. As Veterans Treatment Courts continue to expand throughout the country, I am proud to help provide the necessary training and technical assistance needed to best serve those who wore the uniform.”

Ken Gardner can be reached at or 571-384-1852.

Ken Gardner, center, participates in Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah, Iraq.