Justice For Vets Convenes Panel Discussion at National Rx Abuse Summit

On April 21, Justice For Vets Senior Director Melissa Fitzgerald hosted an inspiring and uplifting screening of the movie Halfway Home at Operation UNITE’s National Rx Drug Abuse Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. Halfway Home tells an empowering story of courage and hope in the grim face of war as several war veterans recount their struggles to cope on the homefront following combat. Among the veterans profiled are former U.S. Senator and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Max Cleland and Sergeant Tommy Rieman, whose heroics on the battlefield led to his acknowledgement during the 2007 State of the Union. In “Halfway Home” both Max and Tommy offer a gripping and honest glimpse the difficulties they experienced transitioning home after war. 

After the film, Senator Cleland and Sgt Rieman, both Silver Star recipients, discussed the film, its impact, and the emergence of Veterans Treatment Courts as a solution to veterans struggling with substance abuse, PTS, and trauma. “It is our duty to ensure that our veterans get the help they need to be victorious in the battle of addiction after coming home from risking their lives protecting our way of life,” says Fitzgerald. The Rx summit has brought together the best and the brightest from their fields to collaborate and word towards ending substance abuse: a perfect venue to spread the message of the life-saving work that takes place in Veterans Treatment Courts across the nation. 

Justice For Vets Senior Director Melissa Fitzgerald with US Representative and Operation UNITE Founder Hal Rogers