Martin Sheen Appears on MSNBC’s Taking The Hill to Discuss Veterans Treatment Courts

On Sunday, Martin Sheen spoke passionately about Veterans Treatment Courts on MSNBC's Taking The Hill.  Mr. Sheen sat down with former Congressman, Iraq War veteran and Taking The Hill host Patrick Murphy for an up close and personal discussion about his advocacy for veterans issues and why he believes Veterans Treatment Courts are critical for saving veterans in need.  Murphy described Sheen as a champion of Veterans Treatment Courts, which he said are “helping some vets get their services and their lives back on track.”

During the compelling interview Sheen discussed what he learned about veterans while filming his iconic role in Apocalypse Now, and he showered high praise on volunteer veteran mentors for the service they provide in ensuring no veteran is left behind. “Nobody but a fellow soldier, particularly a combat solder can understand where you are coming from and why you are where you are. It takes someone to know where you were to help you get back to where you should be,” said Sheen. “Thank God for them; there’s more and more veterans who have gone through the program and have become mentors.” Sheen spoke about the healing power of Veterans Treatment Courts and the transformation that occurs when veterans first enter the program broken and vulnerable. “That is the only way you can come to yourself and become strong,” he said. 

Justice For Vets Senior Director Melissa Fitzgerald also sat down with Murphy. “We need our veterans in our communities. Our veterans are of our greatest and most important civic assets. These are leaders and they are of service for life,”  said Fitzgerald. “We need them in our communities. Doing right by our veterans in our Veterans Treatment Courts helps them and their families, but they also help our communities.  We need them.”



If you missed this incredible episode of Taking The Hill,  you have a second chance to view it here.