Justice For Vets Holds Mentor Corps Boot Camp in Tennessee

In late June, Justice For Vets was honored to conduct its first statewide Mentor Corps Boot Camp in Tennessee.
This one of a kind training was made possible through the support of the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts and served to train 60 volunteer veteran mentors from across the state. Over the course of two days, volunteer veterans received hands on training on issues ranging from examining the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of veteran mentors; the unique issues facing combat veterans; and how to swiftly connect mentee veterans to the local, state and national services and benefits they have earned. There was strong statewide support for the training, which was attended by Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Cornelia Clark and Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Many-Bears Grinder, and organized by Administrative Office of the Courts Director Bill Young.  
Mentors take the Mentor Corps oath during a statewide training in Tennessee, and Justice For Vets Senior Director Melissa Fitzgerald with a veteran mentor
“Volunteer veteran mentors are critical to the success of Veterans Treatment Courts,” said Justice For Vets Senior Director Melissa Fitzgerald. “In every community there are veterans who are ready to continue their service by mentoring other veterans in need. The Justice For Vets Mentor Corps ensures that volunteer mentors receive the training they need to come to the aid of veterans in crisis.”
Justice For Vets launched its first Mentor Corps Boot Camp last December during the inaugural Vet Court Con, but this training marked the first time it has been taken on the road to service veterans throughout a single state. Major General (ret) Clyde ‘Butch’ Tate serves as Senior Fellow for Veterans and Legal Affairs with Justice For Vets and facilitated part of the Boot Camp training. “I applaud the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts for recognizing the need for comprehensive mentor training and for their leadership in bringing together mentors from throughout the state to attend the Boot Camp,” he said. “Justice For Vets stands ready to assist other states in training their mentors.”
To read more about the Justice For Vets Mentor Corps and learn how your court can benefit from this training, click here.
 L to R: Veteran Mentor Patrick Welch presents during the training, Buffalo Veterans Treatment Court Mentor Coordinator Jack O’Conner and Justice For Vets Senior Fellow for Veteran and Legal Affairs Major General (ret) Butch Tate deliver the oath. Country music singer/songwriter, Travis Howard, performed during the Justice For Vets Mentor Corps Swearing-in Ceremony