Justice For Vets, Participant Media, and Armed Forces Foundation Wrap 10 City Screening Tour

Melissa Fitzgerald Talks the End of the Tour on MSNBC's Morning Joe

On Tuesday night the National Press Club played host to a stop on the 10 city screening tour for the acclaimed documentary That Which I Love Destroys Me. A packed crowd was on hand to watch the powerful film which offers a candid look at veteran re-integration issues through the eyes of two Special Operations veterans –Tyler Grey and Jayson Floyd – and charts their journey as they rebuild relationships after coming home. Justice For Vets has been honored to partner with Participant Media and the Armed Forces Foundation on a national tour to highlight this critical issue and generate meaningful conversations about what can be done to improve access to care.

The screening was followed by a lively panel discussion moderated by CNN’s Tom Foreman and featuring Jayson Floyd, Justice For Vets Senior Director Melissa Fitzgerald, Armed Forces Foundation Director Patricia Driscoll, and PTSD Specialist Dr. Johanna Wolf. Following the showing of a Veterans Treatment Court PSA, Fitzgerald discussed the connection between PTSD and the need for Veterans Treatment Courts: “Our veterans are among our most important civic assets. But not everyone’s journey home is the same. When left untreated, these experiences can lead to criminal justice involvement and we need Veterans Treatment Court in place to ensure that our veterans receive the structure, treatment and mentoring they have earned.”


Last night the tour wrapped in New York City with a final screening and panel discussion. Justice For Vets was once again represented by Melissa Fitzgerald who spoke to the crowd about the urgent and growing need for Veterans Treatment Court expansion. “Justice For Vets was so deeply honored to be a part of this incredible tour which has sparked critical conversations from coast to coast,” Fitzgerald said. “As everyone who works in Veterans Treatment Court knows, PTSD is treatable, and our veterans are incredibly resilient. This film will help carry that message for years to come. It will save lives.”

This morning, Fitzgerald appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the end of the tour. The segment reiterated the importance of programs such as Veterans Treatment Courts to ensure that veterans with PTSD are not lost to the system. “We need to be there as a nation for programs that work for our veterans. Veterans Treatment Courts are returning veterans to our communities,” she said.


The screening tour is part of Participant Media’s year-long, multi-platform initiative Return the Service that celebrates the bravery, resilience and contributions of our service men and women, while taking an in-depth look at the challenges they face upon returning home.  The initiative also offers viewers avenues to take action to address important issues facing veterans. Read more about Justice For Vets and the Return the Service Campaign here.

That Which I Love Destroys Me will be available online for free over Memorial Day weekend at this link: http://www.takepart.com/return-the-service/twildm