From "The West Wing" to Justice For Vets

Last week, The Washington Post profiled Senior Director Melissa Fitzgerald, documenting her journey from being an actor on “The West Wing” to taking a real-life job in DC.

She had a Washington job on TV. Then this ‘West Wing’ actor got one in real life.

By Monica Hesse

We’ve seen it before: A Hollywood actor finds a cause, jets to Washington for a photo op and a handshake, makes a speech and flies home.

This is a story about a Hollywood actor who found a cause, then jetted to Washington, then moved to Washington, then got a job at a nonprofit group in Washington and then one morning found herself having meetings at the Pentagon, where some of the other attendees had no idea who she was.

Her name is Melissa Fitzgerald. She was on “The West Wing.” She played — well, we’ll get to that. First, the Pentagon. In a wood-paneled conference room, someone cues up a PSA in which fellow “West Wing” alums, as a favor to Fitzgerald, publicize the organization she now works for, Justice for Vets. On-screen, Bradley Whitford, Allison Janney and other cast members discuss the benefits of treatment courts for veterans who fall into legal trouble. The PSA finishes. An Army lawyer has a suggestion. Read the full article