Call to Action

Educate Congress on the Success of Veterans Treatment Courts

Make sure your Members of Congress see why Veterans Treatment Court is critical to restoring the lives of our veterans. Invite them to visit your program, speak at a graduation, or attend a special event. Help educate Congress to ensure Veterans Treatment Courts are expanded.

Members set their schedules far in advance so you MUST reach out to their offices as soon as possible. Everything you need for a successful meeting is below. You can also Click here to download the instructions. If you have any questions, we are here to help! Contact: Matt Moretto at



Before you send an invitation, contact the Member of Congress’ Washington, D.C. office to inform staff members you will be extending an invitation.

  • Ask who in the office manages the schedule and how they prefer to receive an invitation. Make sure you receive the Scheduler’s contact information in order to send the invitation and follow-up.
  • Click HERE to find the contact information for your Members of Congress.



After the initial call, send the invitation the preferred way (this may be an invitation on letterhead emailed or faxed to the office and/or a form completed with event information)

  • Include date, time, location of the event and your contact information in the invitation, but also try to include facts that will get the attention of the Member by including how many people will attend, if you plan to invite the media, etc.



Contact the Scheduler in 2 – 3 days after submitting the invitation to ensure it was received and to provide any additional information the Scheduler may have.

(a) If the Scheduler says they have not made a decision on the invitation request yet:

  • Acknowledge the amount of requests the Scheduler receives and thank the Scheduler for his/her time trying to accommodate.
  • You may also want to mention any notable figures, public officials or community leaders who have confirmed attendance to the event.
  • Ask when would be a good time to call back to confirm.


(b) If the Scheduler says the Member of Congress will not be able to attend:

  • Ask if there is another date that would work better (for future invites).
  • Ask if there is a staff member who would be able to attend in the Member’s place.


(c) If the Scheduler says the Member of Congress will be able to attend:

  • Thank the Scheduler for his/her help.
  • Confirm the key details: date, time, length of event, Member’s Role.
  • Provide your cell phone number for any last minute changes.
  • If you are inviting media to your event, ask to speak to the Communications Director/Press Secretary so you can coordinate details.



If you are inviting media to your event, click here for the media kit and contact the Communications Director/Press Secretary for the Member of Congress attending your event.



Let NADCP know which Members of Congress are attending your Veterans Treatment Court. We can help provide material, information on the Member and media resources. This Veterans Day initiative is part of a larger legislative plan to secure funding for Veterans Treatment Courts. It is critical that we follow up with all Members who attend Veterans Treatment Court events during this time. Please contact Matt Moretto at with your event information.



Expect that staff members may accompany the Member of Congress even if it was not specifically mentioned.

Consider appointing a person to greet and/or escort the official during the event and provide materials about Veterans Treatment Courts to the Member including the NADCP Capitol Hill Brief and any state or local Veterans Treatment Court information, data or research. If the Member asks how they can help your program, ask that they contact Justice For Vets. This is the best way to ensure adequate funding for Veterans Treatment Courts!

Ensure that media representatives who attend know the elected official is present. Likewise, ensure the Member of Congress and his/her staff know that media is present.



Follow-up within a week with a thank you note and any pictures you would like to include from the event to the Member of Congress.*


*NOTE: Due to heightened security measures on Capitol Hill regarding the scanning of mail, you are encouraged to email/fax written correspondence to Congressional offices. Mailed letters may take weeks to reach Congressional offices.