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About Us

Justice For Vets is dedicated to transforming the way the justice system identifies, assesses and treats our veterans, leading the national effort to put a veterans treatment court in reach of every veteran in need. We are committed to ensuring that no veteran is left behind by providing training and technical assistance to help communities bring together local, state, and federal resources to directly serve veterans involved in the justice system due to mental health disorders, trauma, and substance use. In doing so, we keep veterans out of jail and prison—preventing the loss of one of our nation’s greatest assets to our families and communities—and connect them with the benefits and treatment they have earned, all while saving tax dollars for the American public.

Justice For Vets has helped establish over 250 veterans treatment courts and trained over 3,000 court staff. In addition, Justice For Vets has conducted 40 volunteer veteran mentor boot camp training, serving thousands of veteran mentors.

Established in 2010, Justice For Vets is a division of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Alexandria, Virginia.

Note: Justice For Vets does not and cannot offer legal advice or substance use/mental health services. If you are seeking legal or clinical assistance, please visit our resource page.


Carolyn Hardin

Chief of Training and Research,

Scott Tirocchi

Justice For Vets

Maj. Gen. Butch Tate

Chief Counsel, NADCP

Marla Newby

Project Director

David Pelletier

Project Director

Tonya Voelker

Director of Legislative Affairs

Sheena Frye

Training Coordinator

Mark Kammerer

Project Director

Matthew Ouren

Project Director

Chris Deutsch

Director of Communications

Bonnie Greenslade

Training Manager

Cindy League

Training Coordinator

Melissa Fitzgerald

Director, Advancing Justice

Marie Lane

Project Director

Mark Panasiewicz

Project Director

Brooke Glisson

Associate Director of Communications

Anne Fentress

Training Coordinator

Emily Morrison

Training Coordinator