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The Justice For Vets podcast is made possible with funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

We say, “Thank you for your service.” We say we are “a grateful nation.” But what should we do when “thank you” isn’t enough?

Justice For Vets is the leading organization working to assist justice-involved veterans. Emphasizing resiliency and hope, we provide tangible solutions to address critical issues facing our veterans, such as justice involvement, substance use, and trauma. Hosted by Major General (ret.) Clyde “Butch” Tate, each episode of this podcast takes you on a journey with veterans, subject matter experts, and people doing heroic work on behalf of those who have served.


Episode 1: Detachment, Reconnection, and Post-Traumatic Growth

“It took one thing to be successful in combat; it takes something very different to be successful in my current life.” E1P1 explores the effects of trauma and post-traumatic growth on our military veterans with guest Jaymes Poling, the creator of Modern Warrior LIVE, an immersive music and narrative experience that chronicles his journey through three U.S. Army deployments in Afghanistan and subsequent transition back home.

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Episode 2: Demystifying Therapy

“How do you pull a weed? You get it by its root, so it doesn’t grow back.” E1P2 takes the conversation on trauma and post-traumatic growth to the next level and discusses mental health treatment, therapy, and trauma-informed resources to help veterans recover with James Puckett, a licensed professional counselor and professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin.

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