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Ten Key Components of Veterans Treatment Courts

The Ten Key Components provides a framework for the veterans treatment court model and are essential reading for any jurisdiction interested in implementing a program.


Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards

This two-volume publication is the most comprehensive compilation of research-based, specific, practitioner-focused Drug Court guidance ever produced. A must read for anyone working in treatment court including veterans treatment court. Click cover to download.


10 Key Components of Drug Courts

The groundbreaking publication that defined the drug court model and remains a blueprint for implementing successful programs.


Painting the Current Picture

NADCP’s report detailing the expansion of drug courts and other treatment court models, including DWI courts and veterans treatment courts, as well as the latest research.


The Judicial Benchbook

After years of compiling the knowledge of thousands of judges, attorneys, treatment providers, probation officers, law enforcement officers, and research scholars, this publication provides key guidelines to  improve client outcomes and increase cost savings.


Dispatch from the Front Lines – Education

Learn about the numerous education and training benefits offered by the VA, and get guidance on linking participants to opportunities in higher education.


Dispatch from the Front Lines – Department of Labor

Veterans Treatment Courts and the U.S. Department of Labor: Putting Veterans Back to Work

The U.S. Department of Labor plays a vital role in connecting veterans to the training and employment resources they have earned.  Learn what services and resources are offered by the Department of Labor and read first hand why Veterans Treatment Courts are a critical tool in the fight against veteran unemployment.


Dispatch from the Front Lines – State Departments of Veterans Affairs

State Departments/Commissions of Veterans Affairs: States Providing Invaluable Assistance to Veterans Treatment Courts

A guide for learning the many benefits and resources offered by State Departments/Commissions of Veterans Affairs and how to utilize these for participants in Veterans Treatment Court.


Dispatch from the Front Lines – VSOs

Veterans Service Organizations in Veterans Treatment Courts: Coming to the Aid of Their Fellow Veterans

Veterans Service Organizations play a vital role in Veterans Treatment Courts. Learn how to work with these organizations to provide veterans in court the opportunity to interact with their fellow peers while receiving the help they need to connect with the numerous benefits and resources at the local, state and federal level.


Dispatch from the Front Lines – The VBA

The VBA in Veterans Treatment Courts: Accessing the Full Range of Support

The VBA offers a myriad of resources to justice-involved veterans, including disability compensation, education benefits and training services such as Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E). Learn how to access VBA benefits and read real stories of how connecting with the VBA has affected veterans in Veterans Treatment Court.